I, Madman

 My Default “can’t sleep” film. 
The main character, Virginia, loves to read horror (already we have so much in common). She is an aspiring actress (we part ways there), and works in a used book shop with her eccentric friend, Mona. 
The film begins with a scene playing out from the book she is reading, “Much of Madness, More of Sin” 

I had hoped that there would be such a book published but apparently it’s some reference to Edgar Allen Poe.  Anyway, the whole thing is a bit like a comic book, quite moody and Jenny Wright is a ditz who loves to read horror. 
It’s not the most remarkable film in the whole entire word, but it works.  A good watchable light horror for bedtime.

As it happens this is exactly the thing you shouldn’t do when you’re having trouble sleeping, but…whatever. I  can do what I want.



Blind Dog Rescue UK

 Reserved Dog Poop and Vomit Earrings

 The other week I was approached by Katy, the founder of Blind Dog Rescue UK, to donate my Dog Poop and Vomit earrings for an auction to raise funds. After I got over the initial amazement that someone not only ventured over to my shop but felt that those particular earrings were donation worthy, I was delighted to participate, after all, I’m a warm and fuzzy kinda gal and I do love and adore all living things (except most humans and monkeys…but only the smaller monkey, and the ones that throw crap, however I have heard tales of raccoons exhibiting similar behavior and I’m none too keen on that).

When relaying this in conversation, the general assumption was that the charity was aimed for guide dogs aiding blind people (much hilarity at my expense…) and for a moment, or a while, I was so deeply confused…..

Anyway, it turns out that Blind Dogs Rescue Uk is aimed to help and home dogs with blindness or impaired vision, which, as you can imagine, results in euthanasia or a lonely life of misery for these domestic creatures due to the lack of desirability as pets.  I don’t know the extent of this issue but I do know hard it is to find homes for perfectly healthy animals, never mind ones that are hindered in some fashion. I was quite touched. What a wonderful opportunity to offer these poor little souls a chance at living a peaceful life.

In my life I have spent some time working and volunteering in animal shelters and it’s a depressing business. If you don’t actually attempt to adopt at least 1/3 of every animal you see, you can almost explain away the benefits of euthanasia. Where I lived there were two forms of shelters, kill and no-kill. Self explanatory. Both, in my opinion are equally harsh, but if you can provide a comfortable living up until a, hopefully, painless death, I am more in favor of that, only because No-Kill shelters suffer overcrowding, underfunding and neglect. Just in the same way I would prefer to eat animals who have had a natural and healthy life. They are slaughtered for consumption but treated humanely in life and death, hopefully.  And then….and then… you come across breeders and you ask yourself (in big capitals with triple exclamation points) WTF!!!.

And, I don’t just mean the backyard breeders, I mean even “respectable” breeders. Why, when there are so many unaccounted for, would you add more to the mix?  (I suppose you can apply this to other living species.)  Well, I can only assume that people want certain types of creatures to carry in their pockets or be seen walking through the park with, or chained up to the fence their whole life, to fight, to compete, to run races. Animals can display status in much the same way a car can, I reckon. 

I was brought up with lots of household creatures. It was literally an animal house. Four legged orphans that showed up on the doorstep, we took them in, loved them and they were family for life. I still miss them all. It didn’t matter what breed or color, how many eyes or toes, how they simply could not manage keeping litter inside the litter box, and how the dinner table was fair game, I loved them. 

Fatty and Nina, original ganstas

I don’t want to knock someones lively hood or degrade what they do. I am sure that there are responsible breeders, but quite frankly, if there wasn’t demand there would be no cause to supply (not unlike prostitution). In the meantime, there are people who care enough to pick up the pieces and do their bit. People who take time to pay attention to the discarded, the orphans, the unwanted. 

I am pleased that I could offer something so seemingly insignificant to something like this. I hope it helps at least a little. 

The Auction is held on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.498362320227323.1073741850.161489160581309&type=1



"T" Is For Terror

The latest book I’ve read and ashamedly the first book I’ve completed in six months or more. 

It was an excellent use of time this past week, if for no other reason than to ignite the blue flame in the part of my brain that loves to read. I have missed that insatiable appetite for turning the page and the excitement of watching the story unfold in my imagination. It also happened to be a very good read.  Part historical fiction-part science fiction ( I guess), it follows the tale of the Lost Franklin expedition in 1845 and the disappearance of the entire 128 man crew.  A mystery that plagues the minds of people enough to this day to warrant efforts into investigation. 

The bits and pieces I have read of the actual known details  are fascinating enough, not to mention the arctic mummies on Beechey island

So, it’s a very popular story in arctic discovery and exploration. I mean, a book has been written around it. A very very thick book I might add. 

The ending is important in all things.  

I am not disappointed with the final chapters in The Terror. I am not overly joyed either. I became quite emotional in some instances within the story, perhaps because of the reality of what those 128 men experienced. We’ll never know. 

So, feeling accomplished in my week’s reading and completion of a whole book, and a spark of interest in arctic exploration, I spent some time browsing wikipedia and google maps learning a little more about the area and terrain and that sorta thing.  I don’t usually look a globes and I’m so used to seeing a horizontal map of the world that when I searched for a global view of the North Pole. I was astonished to see the vast Arctic Sea so…there! I mean, why bother navigating through the Canadian Archipelago where ice is more likely to block the channels and open waterways? Why not just go via the sea? Well, maybe this question is relevant for post 2007 and someone like me who has so little understanding of many things, but before climate change, the arctic sea was a massive block of ice for most of the year, or all of it.

So, anyway, as of summer 2007 the North West Passage is open and ready for business because of, presumably, global warming. The question is whether or not the warming is a natural change or initiated by the work of evil human beans. HAHA! and this is where the conspiracy brain kicks in.  I’ve heard of chemtrails mentioned by the likes of Doreen Virtue on HayHouse Radio and a few other interviewees on Coast to Coast AM and I understand roughly what they are supposed to be. Streaks in the sky released via aircraft that contain chemicals for some purpose. Extinguishing fires, crop dusting, and some people think behavior and weather modification, the latter two with less tangible proof except for one funny thing I came across via Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/16a3u2/chemtrail_proof/


One comment makes a valid point, without proof, you have nothing. And that pretty much sums up the problem with every conspiracy theory. I’m sure a round earth was a conspiracy theory for some before there was evidence to suggest it. 

There was a point to this though. With regard to the North West Passage, I read that, essentially, the reason, or rather the purpose to discover a navigable trade route was due to a ban via Africa or South America for the likes of anyone without a Portuguese or Spanish passport…or something like that, put in place after Pope Alexander VI split the discovered world. (courtesy of Wikipedia….) But despite the necessity,   there is something in us that urges the discovery of the unknown and unseen. And I’m sure it was just really annoying that such a straightforward journey couldn’t be got.  So, back to the point, no doubt that part of the world is still rich in opportunity for marine trade and possibly fossil fuels ( I personally don’t know, just general speculation) but the damned block of ice is inconveniently in the way, therefore, all that is required is a massive heat wave to sure up the route and any useful things that might lie in wait just dying to be used up. Enter, man made global warming. But surely, whether or not someone got the idea that pumping loads of carbon dioxide and other good stuff into the atmosphere would burn a nice tidy hole into the Ozone would increase temperatures bit by bit, you have wonder if at the point people accept this reality, once it starts, why stop it? what is the incentive to reduce heating the globe if there are arctic riches. The Poles and the deep blue sea are the last to be discovered on this earth. There is territory to be owned and all that keeps the (un)civilized world from it is mere frozen substance and below freezing temperatures. At this rate, perhaps in a hundred years the poles will be approachable all year round. Antarctica is a massive continent, as well. Just think of all the amazing things beneath the surface.  

It’s sad to think about, sad to consider the loss of all the wonderful arctic mammals and fish. There wouldn’t be any seals to slaughter. (what would Crozier think if he could see the state of that?)  And the question of the poles melting, where does that leave the rest of the inhabited world? Mankind may well have to live in ships. 

It’s beyond my capacity to fathom. I look out and see grass, April 2nd and it’s still flipping freezing. Some jest when welcoming global warming. I hope this summer is a blaze of heat and humidity. It feels like years since I’ve felt the warmth of the sun on my skin.  This reminds me of a twilight zone episode in which the earth is slowly being guided towards the sun, and everyone tried to evacuate towards the poles. It turned out to be the fever dreams of a girl in the midst of an ice age.   

Well,  I’m not in a position to comment on any of these things. Mere speculation and the ramblings of a mind that just read a book for the first time in a while.  I know that before the shit hits the fan and the caps melt, before I die, I want to venture to the land of ice and snow and then return home to my hammock on the porch of my house by the sea.