Wasted And Wonderful West Virginia

When I was a kid, I never enjoyed my stays in Raleigh County. Much of it looked like a dump, and my aging grandparents were ill-equipped to handle the entertainment required to break the spell of boredom in a place where the bears out number people.  They were at a stage in life when sitting on the porch listening to the police scanner was an exciting evening and dithering in the garage was pure heaven (ain’t nothin’ wrong with that).  I wanted lights, action and loud noises.  So, I sat around much of the time counting days until I could return and keeping the lights on at night for fear of the dolls coming alive.

I thought the people were ignorant, dated, and out of the loop.  The country side carried nothing in the way of beauty and I couldn’t see the point.

A decade and a half later, things changed.  Grandparents passed away and the house was all alone. I snapped out of brathood and I would spend weeks at a time there alone, staying up late, driving around and investigating the landscape. 

Here I began to see and hear, soaking up the atmosphere and loving everything about it. One beautiful memory brings me back to a quick run to the Go-Mart in Beckley for a case of Yeungling before midnight and driving along Route 3 back to the house. I came upon a train running alongside the tracks parallel to the road. The moon was brightly shining and houses were  lit inside with warm glowing incandescent bulbs (or crack pipes). It was a beautiful moment.

My Mom decided to move into the house and my visits were more frequent. Drives to Hinton, Thurmond, New River, Coal River, Oceana and Logan. One midnight drive led us to the border of Kentucky.   I was hooked on  the enchanting mountainous wonderland.

One thing that does stand out as strange (and has done since time began) is the appearance of peoples’ houses.  Next to an immaculately kept property is one equally messed up and unloved squalor. This paired with a sense of foreboding, tension, mistrust, unemployment, and  frequent tales of Coppers being gunned down on the beat (like this poor fella) indicates a dark presence infiltrating the lives of residents of southern West Virginia and I don’t think it’s coal. Coal mining is probably one of the few things keeping people from the brink of extreme poverty and third world like conditions. 

There is much to speculate about but it would not be unfair to suggest that West Virginia might have something of a drug problem.  Sure not everyone has gone slap your thigh silly, someone has to run the banks, courts, gas stations and restaurants and drug-stores (of which there are plenty).  You’ll find people there who bust their backsides to support their family just like anywhere, in the same way you’ll find cousins all loved up in other regions.

I came across one woman’s article and she illustrates the situation far more intelligently than I could (and she uses things like facts and sources our lord gave us to encourage other people to believe us).

So I’m curious about the whole thing. Is it simply a matter of “Doctor Shopping”? Is it really that easy to just go to any doctor and be like “Yo, Doc, ugh…my back..” Et Voila!
It seems it might be. 

This brings me to a documentary that I am very excited to see when it becomes available. This is something I heard about yesterday (through Mumsie) and it’s called “Oxyana”. Can you guess why???

I loved my travels up to Bolt Mountain and Through Oceana, so beautiful there!  It’s incredibly heartbreaking to imagine the situation in a town like this, hell; it sucks for anyone in that situation. I so desperately hope that someone can be blamed but I just don’t think life is that simple. Things are dire for a lot of people.  Is it any wonder that the best thing to do is stick your head in the sand and forget?
Sure, it’s well and good saying things have got to stop and it’s a huge problem, but if it’s not prescription drugs, it would be something else…and then something else.  There’s an underlying issue and my sincere hope is that bit by bit, each soul takes it upon themselves to pull out of the pit of despair. 

Now we’ve come to the segment of our program called “Pretty Pictures Jenny Took in West Virginia”



Somewhere between Bolt Mountain and Ocean

Somewhere on Coal River

New River Gorge Bridge


Somewhere on Bolt Mountain


The Midnight Madness Continues

To add to my Ebay Produce, I am selling some of my own creations. I’ll admit they’re not your grandmother’s earrings (not mine anyway), but it’s the kind of thing I wear and I’m not weird. 

 Part of my happiness is derived from drawing grotesque humanoid faces. In a moment of brilliance I thought how wonderful it would be to have some dangling from earlobes all over the world. It’s my dream to supply creepy face earrings across the globe.

**Click images for larger view or right-click to view image on full page*

See what I mean? Genius.

I also like cupcakes. I prefer to eat cupcakes in all honesty but Both Scooby and Tom Venuto advise against that type of behavior.  So, an alternative to the whole gorging on buttercream icing on fluffy moist cake (damnit) is…hello earrings!

Ain’t they just simply fab?

In all seriousness, I love these.

Hey, if you think these are the baddest things since you discovered vodka goes with coffee, I suggest you wander on over to the other plot of internet land I’ve peed on and called my own:


More Madness From the Field

 Ok. After the successful shifting of two albums so far, I’m inspired, moved, motivated, and sleepless… AND not in the mood to watch Fargo for the thirteenth time in two weeks (i’m not kidding…I love the soundtrack and accents, It’s Prairie Home Companion meets goodfellas..or..something else that’s violent).
Anyway, so on the menu tonight are a few from the top of the cd piles. Added a few extra tracks as well. 


Bjork, Debut ( I don’t actually know if that is her debut album, would be pretty silly if it wasn’t! but it could be her debut non crap album) and with it is a little signed autograph note she left for a man named Paul in 1994 ( Paul doesn’t want it now) So if your name is Paul and you happen to really dig Bjork, or know a man named Paul who digs Bjork, are you still questioning the validity of synchronicity?
Have a listen.

To Buy on Ebay 

Violently Happy

Human Behavio(u)r


Master P 

Right, This is a two disc album, complete with some kind of holographic cover depicting Master P (Da Last Don) doing some sort of hand gesture. I’m not sure what he’s trying to prove with this behavior. So, I should warn you, there are no swear words. This is an edited album so, it is church friendly anyway.

Mama Raised Me (yea? Are you sure about that?)



Crickey, this is a friggin’ amazing album. I listened to it yesterday and jammed out a little there..
Super production,  lovely packaging and disc art. There is a crack in the case cover, so what?
I’m really pleased to have heard this again.

Send in the Clowns

Just Got Wicked



Another 90’s Flashback, another good album. Obviously, Black Hole Sun is still a winner.  

Head Down

Black Hole Sun (Still a damn good tune)

Ebayniac Fo Sho!

Wow. I haven’t listened to these in, like, seriously forever. I think a tear ran down my cheek. Or my snot was making its way north for the summer. 

Demon Knight: 
Hey, it’s not too bad really.  I won’t sell anything I’m too embarrassed to sing with the windows down at a really long and unforgiving red light on a hot steamy Monday afternoon or in front of cats. Cats are the worst critics. I was attacked once for singing Dinah Washington’s Mad about the boy….15 stitches in the eye.
To Buy on Ebay:

**Let it be known…it might take a moment for the track to start playing here. or anywhere here…I don’t know why, it’s the way things are.
The Prodigy:
I really loved this album when I bought it and I don’t think I can fault it for anything listening to it a few reincarnations later. 
Still a good listen. Maybe even a little dance sesh in the living room? eh?…yea….
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