Rats- Friend, Foe…or Fried?

I’d like to talk about rats.  A nightmare to some, pets for a few and testing subjects for us all. 


Personally, I happen to like rats. I happen to like most things that have a mother (except some monkeys and people, and I’m not too sure about cockroaches, but I do miss having them around) So, I find it hard to understand why they have such a horrific time in our world. Getting blamed for wiping out a chunk of the population (did they really do this?) and remunerating mankind by sacrificing themselves as lab animals, doomed to spend their lives as test subjects for the prevention of human death, longevity of human beauty and food preservation for human consumption.  Why? 


Ah well…unpleasant as it may be, you would think they would gain some respect in the process. Without them, you could argue, medicinal advances would not be made and we would not have the privilege of paying half our wages for health insurance, to which we are denied should we have the gall to make a claim to it and therefore we die young anyway. 

Why then must these little creatures, as well as many others sustain this torture under the guise of health, happiness and prosperity. Ah.. I think that last one may have something to do with it… 

Anyway, it’s rather unfortunate but there are ways we may be able to rectify this unfairness. Even if you haven’t got the means to rally up protesters or anything (like, would that even make a difference? what, for five minutes, maybe)

You can change your world by changing the way you think.  If you disagree with such things, then the first place to start would be to abstain from all that which is derived in this manner.
 Start with one thing this week. It may not make an immediate difference, but the journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step.

In anycase, I have come across some interesting examples of evil rats.   The first being the James Herbert Trilogy. I have only read 2.5 of the three. I…got distracted.  The first in the trilogy as you well know was fabo. I suppose when you get into the second and third, you know what you’re up against. There is no invisible terror in the begining and a monster you cannot see is by far greater and more powerful than one which you can see. 
 Deadly Eyes is crap. I’m sorry but it’s crap.

but the rats are hilarious

Here is another example of a rat that should not exist if, in fact, it did exist. 

Giant rat caught in China

Eating wires is a particularly bad habit of rats and mice. In fact a similar episode like the woman in this article happened to my mom, which would be particularly bad if something like this was alive and making it’s way to you, car or no car.
 For reference, this is what the Montauk Monster looked like. Based on its teeth and front paws, the creature was determined to most likely be a raccoon.
 And it would not be advisable to eat these creatures, because as one Joel Brinkley points out, it makes you aggressive. ( Like we need to eat rats to be aggressive, we practically are rats, less civilized, perhaps.)

And one more mention of these little darling rodents…