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I Like A Good Pot

Liquid happiness

…of Coffee. I really really love the stuff.  There are convincing reasons why we shouldn’t drink it, and conversely valid reasons why it’s great.

 It reminds me of the scene in Ghost Dog  when he’s chattings to Raymond (sorta) at the ice cream stand, Raymond says “Today, ice cream is good for you” (not exactly like that) -but tomorrow they will say it’s bad. You can find information to back up whatever side you take. Coffee is like that, but better.

Scooby, (of Scooby’s Workshop)  has mentioned in a video I watched a while back, that he uses coffee as a supplement about a half hour before training. He also states that he doesn’t drink it anytime else.  (You should probably watch the video, and also check out the website. It’s a great resource and he is quite the character.)  http://scoobysworkshop.com/caffeine-as-a-bodybuilding-supplement/

My mom once told me that she read women who drank coffee were less susceptible to depression and suicide. I had a quick look and found something here : Drink Coffee, Stay Happy

On the flip side, here’ a quick read about artificial highs from coffee and the hidden dangers:

Basically, you have to decide what your goals are and what you want from life. I love the taste and smell of black french press, nothing makes the morning more complete for me. I don’t like the jitters, and I also don’t like being kept up when I want to sleep. For me, I may very well give it up for a while, but right now I’ll moderate my consumption, buy better beans and enjoy the cup even more.