Django Unchained

I had to leave the kitchen for a moment. The leek soup smog is fogging up my glasses,  I can’t take it anymore.  I thought I’d make myself useful and share my thoughts on this film. 
It’s fantastic. Go see it. Spend money on this one because you shall not be disappointed. I don’t think I can fault it for anything.  If you enjoyed Inglorious Basterds, this is, like, another installment of the “Getting back at serious bullies”  type thing. Maybe even slightly better.  This is the kind of film that reminds one why cinemas exist. Why we spend a ton of money to get in, why women have big purses,  why flasks were invented, why keychain flashlights are actually helpful,  why being tall is great if you are because big hair still exists, where only cinema popcorn lives and the smell makes you drool, where fires are deadly,  standing up to let people get into their seat makes you despise them for being alive, crunching is annoying and slurping fills you with blind rage, cell phones should be shot, deodorant helps, but not too much perfume,  where being in the front row is bad, and using the facilities before going in is essential, so don’t arrive late and get ahead.