Coast to Coast AM with Linda Stasi

That’s totally real, btw.

 It was all just too ridiculous for me today. It was too much the other day when a guy named Cobra was on the show speaking through a voice modulator. Nevermind he was asked by the aliens to do it, I couldn’t understand a damn thing he was saying. Today, it was just silly. I am pretty sure Mr. Noory started playing a prank on the poor woman by saying something about her book in an evil voice. There was some nonsense about the Veil of Veronica and cloning Jesus. But it wouldn’t be the real Jesus, it would be Evil Jesus, without a soul. Like Dolly, the evil soulless sheep that went around terrorizing all the other sheep and making piles in the water dish. Actually, I think a movie was made about her, only, to protect the identity of Dolly, they made it about Cows. (ISOLATION)

There was actually a good bit on the show about a group of paranormal investigators going into a gold mine somewhere in america. GHOST MINE
I don’t get The Science Fiction Channel.   I wouldn’t be leaping over the couch it if I did get the science fiction channel, but compared to the woman who thinks her dead friend came back to sit in front of her house for three hours in the cold, it was….golden.
Anyway, you can see Jesus, the dead friend and a smug moustache here —–>C2CAM

You can listen to coast to coast via the website for a price (you can also do other things if you pay for it) , but you can also tune into radio stations around the US during broadcast. Tune In Radio is superbulous.  It’s 1am to 5am Eastern standard time, I know that much.  Good luck.