Burning The Candle

What I want to say has nothing to do with Midnight Oil, or this song. However, it just came into my bed..head…it came into my head. My mom loves this tune, and I remember grabbing the cassette and listening to it. So I kinda dig it, if for no other reason than nostalgia, but I think it’s a good listen, nonetheless. 

See, what i originally wanted to share was this. I burn candles, shit ton loads of candles. Tealights, votives, pillars,  the tall thin ones-dinner candles or whatever, I forget the term. Tapered or stick, candle stick.  If they exist, I burn it. Summer, winter, spring and fall, day or night, night and day. Again, it’s probably a nostalgic thing growing up with incense and candles all the time. Candles differ in the quality of wax and the ratio of ingredients. Long gone are the days when life was simple and candles were made from pure ingredients by one man candle factories like Father Jack.

So one will notice the wick burns straight through the middle or very faintly. Even in really nice candles, especially in pillars, there will be a large stub of wax left over. Sometimes the wax smells so lovely that I keep them for a while just until I can figure something out, but eventually throw it away during a clean up frenzy. So, I said, “F That” I’m going to do something and here is what I did. 

In a pot I poured some water, and then, I took a pyrex bowl and sat it in the water. I turned on the gas and let the water gently simmer. I cut up the wax and I dropped it in.
This is like a double boiler, similar to melting chocolate. 

When the wax was melted, I poured it into silicone ice trays shaped as apples. I’m showing you one with hearts…awwwwww.

Silicone Ice Tray


I popped them in the freezer for 5 minutes just to set and then dissected the molds.

Bully for you Jenny, you have little shapes of wax”
I said.
However I remembered my good friend Cora and her parents back in the states gave me a little electric wax burner once that came with blocks of smelly wax. It was great because I could burn something without setting anything on fire. Then I thought, “well, what’s the point of saving wax if I’m simply going to burn fossil fuels in order to do it”  and then it hit me, the old school potpourri burners or (midnight) oil burners one can use with a tealight. Et Voila!!! resolution achieved.

Tealight Wax Burner

 So now, you can listen to midnight oil, melt wax, and save the whales. Oh shit…..