Life’s Lemons, lemonade, crappy cars…what?

These are lemons…

It’s a great day when I can reduce the amount of crap I throw away. Throwing citrus peels away always makes me die a bit inside. Lemons are good for you, bad for your teeth. The peels are AWESOME.  When I make homemade vodka lemonade infused with basil because I decided drinking coffee past midday is out…I have a pile of peels. What to do, what to do…..Well! Have I got news for you! 

Let me tell you, the author, compiler, link maker of this article deserves some of my vodka lemonade and a high five. I used lemon peels to descale the kettle and I didn’t realize there was metal beneath the layer of rock hard mineral scale (kinda why it’s bad for teeth, though). 

Right now I am drying out the peels to grate and store for zest, lemon pepper, garlic and butter.  I may start growing a lemon tree. I may make lemon earrings, I may conquer the world one lemon peel at a time. Who knows. 

Anyway, check it out, and use it as a lemon lesson in being resourceful. What are the possibilities, what else can we reuse in a neat and practical way (without becoming a hoarder)?
Going Greener