I, Madman

 My Default “can’t sleep” film. 
The main character, Virginia, loves to read horror (already we have so much in common). She is an aspiring actress (we part ways there), and works in a used book shop with her eccentric friend, Mona. 
The film begins with a scene playing out from the book she is reading, “Much of Madness, More of Sin” 

I had hoped that there would be such a book published but apparently it’s some reference to Edgar Allen Poe.  Anyway, the whole thing is a bit like a comic book, quite moody and Jenny Wright is a ditz who loves to read horror. 
It’s not the most remarkable film in the whole entire word, but it works.  A good watchable light horror for bedtime.

As it happens this is exactly the thing you shouldn’t do when you’re having trouble sleeping, but…whatever. I  can do what I want.