More Madness From the Field

 Ok. After the successful shifting of two albums so far, I’m inspired, moved, motivated, and sleepless… AND not in the mood to watch Fargo for the thirteenth time in two weeks (i’m not kidding…I love the soundtrack and accents, It’s Prairie Home Companion meets goodfellas..or..something else that’s violent).
Anyway, so on the menu tonight are a few from the top of the cd piles. Added a few extra tracks as well. 


Bjork, Debut ( I don’t actually know if that is her debut album, would be pretty silly if it wasn’t! but it could be her debut non crap album) and with it is a little signed autograph note she left for a man named Paul in 1994 ( Paul doesn’t want it now) So if your name is Paul and you happen to really dig Bjork, or know a man named Paul who digs Bjork, are you still questioning the validity of synchronicity?
Have a listen.

To Buy on Ebay 

Violently Happy

Human Behavio(u)r


Master P 

Right, This is a two disc album, complete with some kind of holographic cover depicting Master P (Da Last Don) doing some sort of hand gesture. I’m not sure what he’s trying to prove with this behavior. So, I should warn you, there are no swear words. This is an edited album so, it is church friendly anyway.

Mama Raised Me (yea? Are you sure about that?)



Crickey, this is a friggin’ amazing album. I listened to it yesterday and jammed out a little there..
Super production,  lovely packaging and disc art. There is a crack in the case cover, so what?
I’m really pleased to have heard this again.

Send in the Clowns

Just Got Wicked



Another 90’s Flashback, another good album. Obviously, Black Hole Sun is still a winner.  

Head Down

Black Hole Sun (Still a damn good tune)