Graveyard Bones from Ghost to Ghost

For the past few days I have been listening to past episodes of Ghost to Ghost AM (the annual Halloween show for Coast to Coast AM). Listeners phone in to tell George Noory (and Art Bell when he was a presenter) their personal ghost stories. Some of which are truly spine tingling and eerie. I have delved into the world of spirits and supernatural most of my life, but of late, it had seeped into the nether regions of my brain. These shows have brought forth memories and ideas which I have held regarding ghosts, spirits, entities and such. I was a fervent believer as a child, however, my certainty has faded as I grow older and more stupid. I maintain healthy skepticism and I’m chillin’ on the fence like a beat up old ear-torn alley cat. I have a few tales of my own I should like to share with my reader (or readers, if I may be so bold). 

My first encounter started when I was a young child.  I woke up one April Fool’s morning to the sound of crying. I walked into the kitchen and I was told my aunt had passed away.  A few days later we traveled to my grandparents’ house in the mountains to stay for the duration of funeral festivities. One night either before, on, or after the funeral  we all retired to our respective bedrooms. I slept in the same bed as my mom in my Aunt’s old bedroom. As my mom often does, she was reading a book and the lamp was left on. Late in the night I suddenly woke up and I could hear my mom snoring, and the lamp was still on.  The blanket which covered us suddenly begin to pull itself  uniformly up towards my shoulders. I…strangely, was not frightened but I suspect a bit of “WTF?!?!” was going on in my brain as I called out to my mother and she said simply in her sleep something like “It’s nadie”. Well, who the hell “Nadie” was I didn’t know, except I would later find out “Nadie” was a great-great grandma of mine I never met. 

From then on, as I grew older, I became aware of strange things happening back home.  One time I was sitting in my bedroom floor looking at some stuff and a wire hanger flew from one corner of my bedroom to where I sat. That time I freaked out big time.

I would see glowing lights outside of a window, and knocks from outside of the house were frequent when the house was quiet or I was home alone. My family were open to such strange and unusual incidents and so I was never made to feel I had gone insane or anything like that. 

I have for you now two photographs taken back in 2002. This was taken with 35 mm black and white film. I heard my cats playing around and knocking things over so I had to go out to break up the party. I opened my door to find all four cats looking towards me and I thought it was the funniest thing so I snapped a few shots and this is what I found:

Is this a ghost? You decide.